A throwable water rescue device with 15.8 m (52’) of buoyant rope with an attached flotation aid, designed for fast and accurate deployment.


Easy to throw, fast reload (less time than a throw bag) patented foam disc provides 10lbs of buoyancy to assist the individual in the water.


Proudly made in Canada!



Meets Transport Canada Requirements

For personal life-saving appliances with a buoyant heaving line


Canadian Safe Boating Award

2012 Marine Industry Award for introducing a boating product or technology improving boating safety


Meets Ontario Regulations

For buoyant aids required in public swimming pools

Toss N’ Save is…

Flotation Disc

  • This bright orange buoyant throwing rescue aid is made from lightweight, highly buoyant polyethylene
  • Gasoline, UV, and chemical resistant, ideal for use on motorboats
  • 10 1⁄2” in diameter with a 4” hole in the centre and 2.5” deep

Buoyant Rope

  • 15.8 m (52’) of 6 mm diameter, bright yellow polypropylene heaving line, wraps around groove in the disc
  • A high-grade single braid safety rope
  • Lab-tested for 1,000 lb breaking strength

Retaining Clip

  • Plastic retaining clip keeps the rope coiled and prevents unwinding when stored

AND More

  • Easy to throw with good accuracy and distance
  • Floating rope remains tangle-free and ready to use
  • Fast reload and rewind time
  • Small and lightweight, easy to store marine safety equipment
  • Foam disc is a flotation aid, with approx. 10lbs of buoyancy
  • The 4” hole in the center makes it extremely easy to hold onto
  • Excellent visibility in the water due to colour and buoyancy
  • Ready to use, left or right-handed function is identical
  • Keep within reach for quick response for water rescue


“I’ve been a boater and fisherman pretty much all my life, and from what I can tell, Toss N’ Save is a lot better than the other water rescue equipment I’ve had. No doubt about it… I’d be more confident using Toss N’ Save in an emergency, mainly because the life ring makes it easier to use under pressure. It’s definitely a product I am going to recommend to everyone.”

Jeff P.

Boat Owner

“Toss N Save is an amazing lifesaver every pool should have one or two.”

Jackie A.

Lifeguard for Toronto Parks and Recreation

“Picked up one of these throw rings from the Sportsman Show in Toronto. I was able to master it on the second throw. Works well, it’s so easy it makes the rope in a bag look like some kind of torture implement. I would recommend.”

Ken C.

Boat Owner


Keep within reach for quick response for water rescue

TOSS N’ SAVE® is a must-have for anyone
in, on or near water